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Saving Your Marriage
or Surviving Your Divorce

208 761-9807
Most couples do not seek out help for their relationship until things have gotten to a very critical point.  All of us, particularly men, tend to avoid really looking at and working on the more difficult aspects of a marriage and tend only to do so when circumstances leave us no choice.

Consequently, marriage counseling has traditionally been an uphill battle for many couples and often becomes “divorce counseling.”  This does not have to be the case, however.  With the assistance of a therapist skilled in working with couples, this process can be a time of true discovery and renewal that can strengthen a marriage and ensure the stability of the family unit.

My work with couples combines individual therapy, when needed, along with dynamic couples work.  We will be looking deeply and honestly at the psychological “contracts” that exist between you and your partner as these “less than fully conscious expectations” often hold the key to the resentments and frustrations that literally drain the energy and joy from a relationship.  Whether you are trying to copy your parent’s marriage or avoid it like the plague, your family of origin nonetheless plays an important role in determining your “default patterns of relating” to your partner.  Bringing these engrained patterns to conscious awareness can allow you and your partner to be free to connect with each other without the intense baggage of old and unexamined beliefs.

Occasionally, I meet a couple where one member has already made the emotional decision to leave the relationship and is simply “along for the ride” when coming to my office.  In many of these cases, there is already a new boyfriend or girlfriend waiting in the wings.  Sometimes these couples choose to end their relationship and the therapy sometimes takes a different course as the focus shifts towards assisting the “still committed” member to recover from the loss and reshape their life’s direction.  

Does divorce equal failure?  In my mind, it only does if we fail to learn what our own patterns are in relationships and to understand our own complicity in the breakup.  Failing to learn means we’re doomed to repeat the same patterns over and over again with a new cast of characters.  For some people, a divorce or the end of a primary relationship becomes the jumping off point for a whole new life filled with greater knowledge of self and of living than they ever experienced prior to this change.  

If your relationship is no longer a source of joy, strength and love, then its time for help.  Professional fees are $145 for the intial session and $120 thereafter. Give me a call at 761-9807 or email me today at RBoyes@aol.com

As of January 1, 2017
offices are located at
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