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There is a difference between “clinical depression” and “situational depression.”  There are some situations in life where anyone would feel depressed.  If these feelings lessen and pass within a relatively short time, then the whole experience can be seen as natural and not necessarily requiring outside help.  But when feelings persist for longer than a couple of weeks, its time to get some assistance.  

Symptoms of depression include:
    Loss of interest in normal daily activities
    Feeling sad or down
    Feeling hopeless
    Crying spells for no apparent reason
    Problems sleeping
    Trouble focusing or concentrating
    Difficulty making decisions
    Unintentional weight gain or loss
    Being easily annoyed
    Feeling fatigued or weak
    Feeling worthless
    Loss of interest in sex
    Thoughts of suicide or suicidal behavior
    Unexplained physical problems

Depression symptoms can vary greatly because different people experience depression in different ways. A 25-year-old man with depression may not have the same symptoms as a 70-year-old man, for instance. For some people, depression symptoms are so severe that it's obvious something isn't right. Others may feel generally miserable or unhappy without really knowing why.

Occasionally, a short course of anti-depressant medication can give the brain the kick start it needs to get things back on track.  However, not everyone wishes to go this route and most people recover more quickly when effective counseling is part of the picture.  Depression is an area where clinical hypnosis can also be of great help in speeding up the recovery process.  If you’re suffering from the symptoms of depression that won’t go away, let’s talk.  Professional fees are $145 for the intial session and $120 thereafter.

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