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Don't Go On A Diet!
A recent study claimed that less than 1% of those individuals who go on a diet and lose weight will actually keep the weight off a year later.  Those are pretty dismal odds.  Could it be possible that something about dieting could actually lessen the possibility of permanent weight control?  

The truth, for most of us, is that when we are told that we can’t have something we want it all the more.  And food is no exception.  Attempting to control eating behavior with conscious willpower is not what naturally slender people do.  Instead, they simply don’t think about food that much.  They eat when they are hungry and then the whole idea of food just moves off to a distant corner of their mind until natural bodily hunger signals direct them to take in more energy in the form of their next meal.  Wow!  How good would that be?!  

You know, if you wanted to be rich it might make sense to study what poor people tend to do, but it certainly wouldn’t make any sense to copy what they do!  And, similarly, if you want to be slender, it wouldn’t make much sense to copy what overweight people do.  And yet, when we go on a diet, that is precisely what is taking place.  Who weighs themselves four times a day?  Not naturally slender people.  Who memorizes the calorie content of foods out to the third decimal point?  Overweight people do that, not naturally slender people.  Our whole cultural approach to weight control is confused and upside down and the results are horrific.  We have become a nation of overweight and obese individuals with shortened lives and staggering health costs to show for it.

For most overweight people, food has become the drug of choice.  No matter how overweight you might be, it is still much more socially acceptable for you to be heavy than it is for you to be staggering drunk or strung out on heroin.  And yet food can control lives just the way these other substances can unless you learn how to use the most powerful part of your mind to set yourself free.

When I say that hypnosis is powerful, I’m really saying that your mind is powerful.  Because hypnosis is not something I possess or something that I do to you.  Look at my role as that of a short term educator or coach.  With over 30,000 hours of clinical experience and thousands of successful clients, I can teach you how to gain control over your relationship with food and be free of the health problems and low self-esteem once and for all.

How much will this cost?  Well, I can tell you that despite the business practices of large franchised hypnosis clinics there is definitely no need to spend thousands of dollars in this pursuit.  The unfair thing about paying for a “package program” for weight control is that individuals will vary greatly in terms of how many sessions they will need. I have based my program on a therapeutic model, rather than a business model because that seems to me to be the only ethical approach. Most people will have tremendous results with only two sessions of hypnosis ($145 for the initial session and $120 for the follow up session) and the use of CD's at home for continued reinforcement (no additional cost for CD's!).  A few individuals will find that there are some complex underlying issues affecting their extra body weight and their relationship with food that will need to be dealt with before they are able to achieve a permanent and natural body weight.

What kind of changes can you expect and how soon?  Well, for about 90% of my clients, significant changes will come almost immediately...meaning within the first few days after your first session.  Common reports include such statements as, "I just don't think about food nearly as much anymore."  "It doesn't take nearly as much food to fill me up."  "I haven't had any cravings for sugar since I left your office."  "I'm drinking much more water."  "I'm able to walk right past those items at work that I always binged on and not even want them."

And here's the most important part...these changes are happening automatically, with absolutely no conscious effort or willpower.  That is the essential question I always ask clients on their second visit..."Do you feel that you are forcing any of these things to happen or does it just feel effortless and natural?"  They always report that it seems to be taking no willpower or conscious effort at all.  And that is the most important point of all.  Because if the changes are happening through conscious effort then the changes will only be temporary!  However, when it just seems to be happening automatically, then we are seeing the forerunners of permanent change...and permanent weight control.

So give me a call today at 761-9807 or email me at RBoyes@aol.com and we’ll get started.  Many clients are being referred by a trusted friend or simply feel comfortable that all their questions have been answered via this website.  In that case, we can schedule your first hypnotherapy session so that you can start enjoying changes right away.  However, if you have more questions, I am happy to have you call me or drop me an email. I look forward to meeting with you. 

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