Rick Boyes, Ph.D., LCPC
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 The Practice of Hypnotherapy is completely unregulated in Idaho. 

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I Have Worked With
Over 5,000
Stop Smoking Clients!

Very simply put, hypnosis is far and away the most powerful and effective tool to help you make the transition to the world of the non-smoker.  Well over 80% of my stop smoking clients have remained non-smokers years later.  That's over 4,000 changed lives in the Boise area alone!  Take a look at some common testimonials and then scroll down to learn how the program is set up and how inexpensively you can get rid of cigarettes once and for all.

"After countless times of trying to quit smoking unsuccessfully, I could not believe how simple and easy it was to quit after hypnosis."
A. Lane

"I am still not smoking after having done so for 30 years and I used to smoke 2 to 3 packs a day.  I feel better and smell better.  I have sent lots of people to you...I hope they do as well as I have." 
R. Hale

"I tried many ways to stop smoking.  Not only did this work, but I had no withdrawal symptoms." 
J. Baker

After nearly 40 years of smoking I was able to stop completely with little or no discomfort.  My son and I both have not smoked once since November of 1987.  All but one person that I convinced to try your program have been successful so far." 
J. Waters, Sr.

The total cost to stop smoking is
Only $285.

That's it, no hidden costs.  And that includes a FULL YEAR of follow up support should you need it.  What does that mean?  It means that if you ever need another appointment to help you become or remain a non-smoker anytime in the following year, you can have that appointment, even more than one if you need it, without any further cost.

I keep my success rate high by screening carefully.  If you are calling for an appointment simply to get a nagging spouse or physician off of your back, then its not time for you to quit.  You need to be contacting me of your own accord.  Its great to have other people supportive, but its another thing to be doing it for them.

Also, if you are drinking heavily or using recreational drugs of any kind on a regular basis, you are not likely to be successful.  Be honest with me, and I'll be honest in my recommendations to you.

And last, we all have our ups and downs, but if you are mired in a deep depression or barely making it through the day because of panic attacks, then attempting to stop smoking before you deal with the other issues is like getting the cart before the horse.  You certainly don't have to be "issue free" in order to become a non-smoker, but if you are concerned about depression or anxiety or a particular life situation, please discuss this with me beforehand so that I can
help you make the best decision.  I want you to be successful!

Rick Boyes, Ph.D., LCPC
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Clinical Hypnotherapist

I want to quit smoking!  How do I get started?

Contact me today and if you're ready we can schedule your actual Stop Smoking Session!

(208) 761-9807       or      RBoyes@aol.com

As of January 1, 2017
offices are located at
136 S. Academy
Eagle, Idaho 83616

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