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Recovering From Childhood Trauma

The effects of early sexual abuse last well into adulthood, affecting relationships, work, family, and life in general. Individual symptomatology tends to fall into four areas:

1. Damaged goods: Low self-esteem, depression, self-destructiveness (suicide and self-mutilation), guilt, shame, self-blame, constant search for approval and nurturance.

2. Betrayal: Impaired ability to trust, blurred boundaries and role confusion, rage and grief, difficulty forming relationships.

3. Helplessness: Anxiety, fear, tendency towards re-victimization, panic attacks.

4. Isolation: Sense of being different, stigmatized, lack of support, poor peer relations.

Adult survivors of childhood sexual trauma may demonstrate some of the following symptoms:

Fear of the dark, fear of sleeping alone, nightmares 
Difficulty with swallowing, gagging
Poor body image, poor self-image in general
Wearing excessive clothing
Addictions, compulsive behaviors, obsessions
Self-abuse, skin-carving , suicidality
Phobias, panic attacks, anxiety disorders
Startle response

Difficulties with anger/rage
Splitting/ De-personalization, shutdown under stress
Issues with trust, intimacy, relationships
Issues with boundaries, control, abandonment
Pattern of re-victimization, not able to say "No"
Blocking of memories, especially before age twelve
Feeling crazy, different, marked
Denial, Flashbacks
Sexual issues and extreme behavior
Dissociative Episodes
Signs of post-traumatic stress disorder

Choosing an appropriate therapist to help you navigate the complex journey to recovery from childhood sexual trauma can be difficult.  Be certain that this is an area in which your potential therapist has a great deal of experience.  This has been a special emphasis of my clinical practice and I have been honored to assist in the recovery of countless brave men and women whose lives are no longer controlled by their pasts.  Professional fees are $145 for an intial session and $120 thereafter. While payment is due at the time of services, most insurance companies, including
Blue Cross, will cover me as an out of network provider. I do not file insurance claims for you but can provide a coded receipt which you can submit for possible reimbursement.  Call me today at
761-9807 or email me at RBoyes@aol.com

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